This Year’s Counselors

Every summer Camp Mishawaka hires a staff of remarkable young men and women to serve as counselors, activity and trip leaders. Many are former campers, many are new to Camp Mishawaka, but all are committed to making every camper’s experience fun, memorable and affirming.

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Each summer they come from across the United States (and the globe), to create a culture of caring, respect and kindness. In recent years our staff has averaged 7 years counseling experience at Mishawaka.

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Many have specialized skills or certifications, including Red Cross life-guarding, US Sailing instructor rating, Wilderness First aid, and others. In addition to instructing activities and leading cabin-life, our staff serve as mentors and role models to their campers.

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Camp Mishawaka maintains a 4:1 camper to staff ratio and this allows staff to know all campers and all campers to get to know all the staff. Their energy, commitment and talent is what makes Camp Mishawaka a place where campers can truly find their best selves.

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