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Mishawaka Staff Brochure

We take great care in selecting our staff. Married couples, veteran teachers and college-aged men and women work together to carry on the tradition of “Safety, Health, and Happiness.”

Staff members take part in a week long staff training prior to the arrival of the campers. Counselors are trained in first-aid and CPR and many have advanced certifications in water safety, sailing, climbing, tripping, horseback riding or canoeing. In recent years, our staff has averaged 7 years experience at Mishawaka (but new applicants are welcome!). Camp Mishawaka maintains a 4:1 camper to staff ratio.

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Employment Opportunities

Working at Camp Mishawaka is an extremely rewarding experience.

You get to help children grow and learn about the joys of the outdoors, and you get to make a positive impact in their lives that will last a lifetime.

Employment Opportunities

Summer camp provides so many opportunities to make a difference in the life of a child, and Camp Mishawaka takes this responsibility seriously. As such, we seek to hire staff members who share this commitment.

A few years ago I got into a debate with a college career counselor who advised her students that employers of today are looking for candidates with “real work experience — and not just a history of being a camp counselor.”

If you have ever worked with children, you know that there is no more “real job” than this. Working at camp allows you to explore your own strengths and provides true leadership opportunities. All the skills Counselors learn (and hone) have real world applications, and whether you are considering a career in education or another field, working effectively with people from different backgrounds and areas, as Mishawaka Counselors do, provides an experience that you will be able to draw on for years to come.

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A Typical Day

Working at Camp Mishawaka is incredibly fun, but it’s also hard work! Learn more about what a typical day looks like in the life a staff member.

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