Camp Mishawaka

No More Boring Summers

Camp Mishawaka is proud to provide kids with the activities, role-models, environment, and community that will enrich their lives. Located in the Northwoods of Minnesota, Camp Mishawaka offers two, four, six and eight week sessions for boys and girls ages 8 to 16.

We believe that our traditional residential summer camp experience provides those oh-so-important intangibles that children need to succeed and thrive in the modern world. The skills and friendships your child will develop at Camp Mishawaka will carry forward with them through the rest of their lives.

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Learn more about Camp Mishawaka in our digital brochure.

We hope that it will get you excited about camp, answer questions you had and those you didn’t know you had, and show off the many faces of our favorite people - campers!

Digital Brochure
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Annie’s six years at Camp Mishawaka have been nothing short of amazing. It has had a profound impact on her growth and on her becoming the person she is meant to be. I am just so very grateful to all who are involved with creating, developing and supporting the space, environment & program that allows this type of growth to happen.


Since its founding in 1910, Camp Mishawaka’s motto has been “Safety, Health and Happiness” and this continues to serve as our guiding principle today.

We are a smaller camp, with a capacity of 80 boys and 80 girls per session. This allows our staff and administration to know each camper by name, and to take a personal interest in the health and well-being of each child. Our brother-sister approach is set up to allow for each camp to have their own traditions and unique programming — blending the benefits of a co-ed and single-gender camp.

Summer Camp Program

We intentionally encourage children to become their best selves by nourishing their individual needs, while honoring the importance of community, and integrating our values into every aspect of the camp’s program.

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Camp is a time for children to explore interests and activities that they may not have been exposed to, and discover things that make them come alive.

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Girls and boys learn teamwork, and independence. They meet new people from places they’ve never heard of. Kids face challenges that don’t exist at home, and they learn to overcome them.

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We offer opportunities for kids to pursue new dreams, choose experiences that will push them outside their comfort zones, and master skills they already possess.

Whether your child is introverted, extroverted, creative, analytical or anything else in between, their life will be enriched beyond measure by their time at Camp.

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We model the values children need for life long success in an environment that celebrates the joys of childhood

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