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Dates & Rates

2024 Sessions

Session Dates Tuition
Two Weeks Sunday, June 16 – Saturday, June 29 $ 3,950.00
Sun, July 14 – Sat, July 27 (FULL for Girls Camp)
Saturday, July 27 – Friday, August 9
Four Weeks Sunday, June 16 – Friday, July 12 $ 6,950.00
Sunday, July 14 – Friday, August 9
Six Weeks Saturday, June 29 – Friday, August 9 $10,200.00
Eight Weeks Sunday, June 16 – Friday, August 9 $11,700.00

Enrollment is now open for 2024. Some sessions are full. Waitlisted campers will be accepted in order of application if a spot becomes available. Deposit is not taken if session of interest is waitlisted.

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Session Descriptions

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Two-Week Sessions


Two-week sessions include all programs and activities. These sessions include the traditions of the Teams, Tap-Out, Day-Trips, Overnights and regular daily activity schedules. Each session culminates with an awards campfire and presentation of the shields and feathers.

Two-week sessions are for new and veteran campers.

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Four-Week Sessions


The quintessential Mishawaka experience, the traditional Four-Week session includes all the elements of the Team Competition (Tap-Out, games, swim and track meets and Sabotage). For campers 12 and older, extended wilderness trips will be available. Younger campers enjoy a variety of shorter excursions.

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Six-Week Sessions


By combining a Two and Four-Week Session, campers will have even more opportunities to explore new activities, deepen skills and friendships, and soak up all that Mishawaka has to offer. Extended trips are available during the Six-Week sessions.

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Eight-Week Session


When nothing less than a full summer at Camp Mishawaka will do!

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Only boys and girls of good moral character, eight years of age and over, may become campers at Mishawaka. The management reserves the right to dismiss anyone whose influence and/or conduct become obnoxious or in any way threatens the best interests of other campers. In such cases, camp tuition will not be refunded.

Tuition payments

Tuition balance is payable in full at time of registration or in 4 installments beginning January 15, and will be billed on January 15, February 15, March 15 and April 15. Those who register after the start of installment billing, will require full payment or installment payments with full payment due by April 15.

Deposit Policy

A deposit of $400.00-$800.00 (depending on length of session), which is applied toward tuition, is due upon registration. The deposit is fully refundable until January 15. Cancellation after January 15, 2024 will result in forfeiture of the deposit. A cancellation after April 15 will result in forfeiture of the full tuition.

Additional Expenses

Tuition fees include round-trip bus transportation, if needed, from and to the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) on Camp arrival and departure days. Air travel and accompanying fees (such as baggage fees and Unaccompanied Minor charges) of air travel are not included.

Also included are all in-Camp activities. Extended wilderness trips, day-trip outings and special CIT trips will have an additional fee.

A deposit to a spending account is recommended. Typical expenses vary according to a camper’s program, age and interests. A deposit of $75 per week is suggested and any balance remaining at the end of the season may be rolled to the following year or will be refunded in September.

The spending account covers expenses not included in tuition, such as:

  • Special travel arrangements, ie Flight Chaperone or early/late pickups/drop-offs
  • Cash for the airport and trip home
  • Horseback Riding Lessons/Trail Rides
  • Items purchased at the Camp Store
  • Other non-typical needs from Pharmacy or Store
  • Wilderness Trip, Day Fishing, Golf or other special outing

Typical Camp Store purchases include clothing, Mishawaka SWAG, stationery, stamps, batteries, toiletries, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Parents are asked to deposit all spending money with the camp office or through their online CampInTouch account as campers have no need for cash while at camp.

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