Top 10 Camper Gifts

Hey, Mishawaka Family!

It’s Cheryl here – sitting in the camp office looking out through the woods down to the lake. It is snowing very gently like a snow globe. Instead of completely letting myself enjoy the peaceful scene, I have been searching through Amazon for stocking stuffer ideas for my kids and husband. I did not really come up with anything except a hard boiled egg holder and lip balm.

So I thought I would come up with a top 10 gift giving idea list for YOUR camper!

Coming in at Number 10…

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Laundry Bag - Possibly a super boring gift, but this company sells some pretty cute and cool ones along with your basic plain net laundry bags:

Everything Summer Camp
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Sleeping Bag – If your camper is 12 & older and interested in doing a wilderness trip, having a nice lightweight bag would be great! Things to look for: Synthetic, size (based on camper – they have youth, adult and tall versions), Temperature rating and price. There is no need to go over $100.
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Book – Here are some ideas: • A Campfire Tail by Sarah Glenn Marsh • Letters from Camp Mad Libs by Roger Price & Leonard Stern • Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids by Tom Connell • Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids by Justin Miles

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Headlamp – Well these are just fun at home and at camp!
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Stationary and Stamps – encourage writing a REAL letter to camp friends. Campers know better than anyone the importance of a handwritten letter!

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Stickers are awesome for decorating your Camp Mishawaka water bottle, your laptop or your folders at school. BWCA, Superior Hiking Trail and Isle Royale would be cool. Let me know if you need a Mishawaka one!

BWCA Sticker
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Get-Together – Do you live near other campers? Are you traveling to a city where another camper lives? There is nothing more fun than meeting up when away from camp and talk about shared memories.

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Frame a Picture from Camp – It is so nice to get a special photo in a frame to remind us of our camp friends and camp fun.

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Camp Chair – one of the common requests from our wilderness tripping campers to their parents, “please send me a Crazy Creek chair!” There are campsite versions, canoe seat versions, hammocks and more

Crazy Creek
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Camp – coming to camp is one of the greatest gifts!

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If you made it this far down my list, hopefully you got an idea or two for your camper.

I wish you all a happy winter break and may your families enjoy the peace of the season and the fun of being together.



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