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Giving Thanks- And Not Just in November

If your phone is like mine it has been bombarded with these past few days with countless messages of “Happy Thanksgiving”- some from vendors or websites that I have rarely used. I hate to add to this influx, but I wanted to pass along our thanks to all who make Camp Mishawaka a part of their lives.

Chef Jose Andres once said of Thanksgiving (and I paraphrase) that we spend too much time worrying about whether our turkey will be dry. Get over it, he said- turkeys have been dry forever and they were likely more dry that we might have hoped this past Thursday . What truly matters, Andres said, is that on this day of feasting it’s not the food, but who we share it with.

Wherever this finds you, however your turkey was done, whether you are ate pumpkin or sweet potato pie for dessert, or not did not mark the day, we at Camp Mishawaka, are incredibly grateful for your support of our mission, and for making this investment in your child.

Camp is not unlike Thanksgiving- celebrating all that for which we are grateful (for 9 consecutive weeks!) And, of all the ingredients that combine to make summer camp- activities, facilities, food, and lodging, we recognize that the people (ours and yours) who share in Camp Mishawaka’s version of summer camp are what make it a place that we can all be thankful for.

As I walked the peaceful, snow-laden, campus this evening I was reminded (again) just how fortunate we all are to have this opportunity to help kids- at such a beautiful place.

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