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Oh, The People You Meet!

Oh, The People You Meet! This guy (to the right) was Charlie Westgate, and I had the privilege of learning how to sail under his tutelage as a 9 year old boy. Later, in the strangest turn of events, I served as his “Boss” when I assumed […]

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Three months of my life are filled with the chaos of camp. It’s the good kind of chaos–the kind you find at a family holiday party when you’re simultaneously trying to greet seven people at once and make sure the pigs-in-a-blanket don’t burn in the oven. At […]

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50 Reasons George Lottes is Awesome

50 Reasons George Lottes is Awesome o He is the Mayor of Tent City o He still teaches Expert Canoeing o He drives anything with wheels on it, at anytime. o Lifeguarding Recertification! o Flint and Steel o Woodcraft o Taps and Reveille o He makes sure […]

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Appropriate Risk

Every year at this time, Minnesota news is full of stories of people (and cars) falling through thin ice. Most are in search of fish, but all share a common trait—what Garrison Keillor once referred to as “young men destined for leadership roles never to be fulfilled.” […]

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Mishawaka Song Book Revamp

Of all the conversations I have had with girls campers each summer, the funniest and most endearing are those that have started mid-song at the Girls Camp boat house, usually with the Girls Camp staff looking at each other quizzically. One particular instance in 2016, we were […]

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108 Years, Give or Take

Last Wednesday, the Chicago Cubs finally won the world series. As someone born in Cleveland, but raised in Chicago, I had a tough start to the series. My dad, and his entire family are Cleveland natives, while my mom grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I […]

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Curating your Own Experience

We recently flew out to visit our daughter, a freshman at Connecticut College for Family Weekend. Though we traveled as a family, we were spread out throughout the plane, and I had a bit of panic when I realized I had forgotten to pack my headphones. Might […]

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Camp Mishawaka is a gift, not a gif

Greetings from Mishawaka, I follow a number of our peer camps in WI and MN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – in part to keep informed of how and what they are doing and to learn more about how people in our industry are using social media […]

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What Lies Beneath

Laying the foundation for the Apache cabin (we think). We spent the better part of Thursday cutting a slice in the earth through Camp. We were burying some overhead power lines, and while we were at it, laid in some fiber optic cable to bring web access […]

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The story of returning home is a common tale. Dorothy clicked her red slippers together to get back home, Homer covered it pretty extensively in the Odyssey, Brian Wilson sings about it on Pet Sounds, and we punctuate our days with thoughts of the things we’ll get to […]

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