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The Internet went out. Plug, unplug. Wait. Nothing. Repeat. I probably did these at least four times before recognizing I should expand my troubleshooting and call the dreaded automated help line. Yes, I am experiencing technical issues, thank you. “Sorry, we’re experiencing network outages in your area. […]

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Camp is Home

This “Camp is Home” sign (pictured right) arrived this week as a gift from a former camper and current Camp parent. She found it in a gift store over the holidays and decided, “I had to get it for Mishawaka.” The truth is and we all know, […]

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But You Gotta Know the Territory

We enjoyed a visit from long-time Mishawakans Dan Beuthling and Kelley Ryan this week. After 20 years with Camp, they recently moved to British Colombia as owners and operators of Lagoon Cove Marina—a picturesque way station along the Inside Passage to Alaska. They are thriving in the […]

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Human Nature

Last week I was lucky to attend the American Camping Association’s National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While I, admittedly, spent some quality time just sitting in direct sunlight, trying to regain my normal human powers after a long, but mild, Minnesota winter, I also managed to […]

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Preserving Childhood

Reconciliation As a summer camp director for the past 25 years, I have observed a none-too-subtle shift in the way young people approach their childhood. In general, there is a hesitation to embrace their own youth as a time of discovery and wonder. Children might not describe […]

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Too Young For Camp?

Parents often ask me what age is good for a child to begin attending sleep away camp. Just as there is no one type of camper, there is no one answer to this question, but over the course of many years, I’ve seen a pattern in camper […]

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My Favorite Camp Memory

My Favorite Camp Memory  by Charlie Paige, Boys Camp Director        I recently spoke with a fellow camper from the late 80’s and early 90’s who had signed up his two sons for their first summer at Mishawaka. I had last seen him at the […]

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Good Night, Not Goodbye

A few years ago I wrote about the power of the CIT speeches at the Girls Camp campfire. I was struck with the clarity, honesty, sense of self and place. The  tradition continues and I wanted to share a speech from 2016. The message is timely- perhaps […]

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Big Data, Best Selves

Finding Our Best Selves I recently attended a camp owners and directors conference in Boulder, CO, and though at times it might have easily been mistaken for a Patagonia and Nalgene convention, it was good to be amongst kindred spirits-women and men who have devoted their lives […]

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Arizona Sun

“Well, I’m a-goin’ out west where I belong…” I’ll never be able to explain why I know this song so well, as someone born in 1989, but it’s in there, buried deep in my memory, and has been since childhood. Admittedly, it’s not entirely appropriate this week […]

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