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17 June 2015

Greetings from Mishawaka! Weather Report: Campers woke to a cool overcast morning that looked like it might rain. The sky stayed gray until the late morning when the sun broke through and camp stayed dry all day. Activities: A sunny and calm afternoon was perfect for being […]

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First Full Day 2015

Camp Mishawaka has officially begun its 106th season with the first full day of camp! Skies were sunny and a healthy breeze blew in off Lake Pokegama. All campers arrived safely yesterday and had no trouble getting into the swing of life at Mishawaka. New campers were […]

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Founders Song

Greetings Mishawakans! The staff arrived early this week and have been getting themselves and camp ready for the upcoming sessions of camp! Among the traditions veteran staff pass on to new staff is the regularly sung camp songs. The summer of 2015 marks Camp Mishawaka’s 106th season […]

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Coming Soon to Camp Mishawaka

After a few weeks of constant rain and chilly temperatures, Mother Nature has smiled upon Camp Mishawaka. If you check our Picture of the Day page today, you’ll find see it’s a sunny 70 degrees in Grand Rapids this morning. (Thus fulfills our obligatory Minnesota weather update […]

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Shifts in the Weather

Happy spring, everyone! Spring is the best time of the year! Actually, I’m an autumn guy, but it’s still exciting. Where I live, near Kansas City, Mother Nature seems to have a difficult time differentiating between spring and winter. Just last week rain, sleet, and snow fell […]

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How the Light Gets In

There is big maple tree just outside the Camp office with a crack so wide you can sometimes stick most of your hand in it—just don’t try it when the wind is blowing, ‘cause it can close on your hand! (Yes, I speak from experience.) For years […]

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Spring: A Study in Clichés

There is no cliché like spring: Spring is in the air. Spring has sprung. Spring forward. Spring is full of clichés as much, if not more than, other seasons. We talk about restlessness, thawing, rebirth, gardening, and cleaning. We wake from our hibernation and rise from our […]

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Heartless Lady Hates Camp

I recently found an email in my drafts folder with the subject line: “HEARTLESS LADY HATES CAMP” and a link to this article. I read it for the first time several months ago, defensively, all the while concocting a plan to contact the author directly and give […]

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The Invisible Neighborhood

In the last couple of months, in the midst of Mishawaka’s Reunion Road Show, I’ve been on quite a few flights and long drives across the country, giving me the opportunity to catch up on my collection of temporarily-forgotten podcasts through the solace of my headphones. (I’m […]

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Just Over That Hill

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last few weeks have felt a total blur, and I’m only now realizing what day it actually is. I was lucky enough to get to visit the United Kingdom for the first time over the New Year, […]

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