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Screen Time or Green Time?

Screen Time or Green Time?   By the time I was 14, I suppose that I had seen every episode of Gilligan’s Island at least three times- including the one where they almost get off the Island but Gilligan blows it (Ha!) I can tell you that […]

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Camp Goals

I was recently reviewing some of the hundreds of standards that are required for a camp in order earn accreditation by the American Camp Association and was struck by one in particular. ‘Does the Camp have a procedure in place to notify Parents of the goals of […]

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Mishawaka on the Road

January 24, 2012 Chicago, IL For nearly four decades Cap Cavins, Mishawaka Owner and Director, would leave his home in Lake Forest, his car packed with a slide projector and Camp brochures, and head off on a tour to meet with Mishawaka families and prospective campers. Others […]

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Finding Quiet

I’ve always thought it is more than a bit ironic that I often extoll the virtues of a session at Camp Mishawaka- an experience that separates a person from all things digital- via the very medium that I am saying is all too prevalent in our lives, […]

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Camp Letters

I returned to my childhood home recently, along with my siblings, to begin the process of cleaning it out and preparing it for a sale. (My mother recently moved into an Assisted Living Facility in the Memory Care Unit.) And, whatever the cause of her loss of […]

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The Final Campfire

Two years ago I sat in a room with independent camp directors and owners and listened to a “change guru” proclaim the death of our model of doing business. He called us a ‘typewriter industry in a computer age’, and went on to say that our sessions […]

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Remembering David Larsen

David, Dave, Davey Boy. Lars, Mr. Laaarsen, Lar-Daddy, Lard. Elvis, Swamp Boy, the Doodler, Davey-Doodle. The Captain. Gedney, Gelding, DB ’78. Such were some of the nick-names of David Larsen, and for those of you who knew him, these monikers likely evoke a certain memory, or bring […]

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